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Top Spring Breakfast Spots

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Why is my restaurant having a hard time getting paid?

There are a number of issues when restaurants are not paid.  The process for food is as follows:

Three-bids -- schools are required to get three bids for food purchases over $250;  therefore you submit your quotePurchase Order -- your restaurant is selected and the school generates a purchase order over $250Certify Delivery  -- you deliver the food and the school purchasing agent certified delivery in FAMISIt is not over -- Invoice - you need to forward your invoice to Accounts Payable, with the Purchase Order number written on the invoice;  if you indicate the Borough, it speeds up processingRelated Documents -- Accounts Payable will not release payment, until the school provides related documents.  For example, if the food is for a Parent Association Meeting, the required documents are the agenda and signature sheet of the parents.

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