About Us

Dear School Business Managers,

As a former School Business Manager with the New York City Department of Education, I know the challenges you face everyday. Does this sound familiar?  Your principal wants picture frames to showcase the school for the chancellor’s visit and he wants the picture frames yesterday.

You are told to get on it right away.  Luck is not on your side, because picture frames, the size and type required, are not on FAMIS.  Since the picture frames are non-contracted items, you begin to make calls for three bids.  Where do you begin?  You must get quotes from registered vendors. You turn to Google, which gives you thousands of sellers, the first 50 are non-vendors and you are now frustrated.  You call a couple of school business managers you know, but they usually don’t buy picture frames.

This site is created to negotiate those challenges.  You can turn to Purchasing Press and search “frame“, which gives you registered vendors who can provide you with quotes.

Purchasing Press is built with the School Business Manager in mind. It is the best resource for school business managers, purchasing secretaries or purchasing designee.  It clears the way for non-contract goods and services.  We provide an easy to use directory of vendors with description of products and search function for as in the above example.

Thank you,
Vidal Aponte