The Department of Education has identified vendors who will partner with the DOE for the Book Buy Back Program. These vendors will remove your text and trade books, as well as provide your school with a financial compensation based on the resale or recyclable value. Each school must identify a designee who will be responsible for the coordination of their school’s book buyback program. The instructions below outline the steps schools should take to commence this process.

All schools participating in the book buyback program must complete the following process:

  1. Create an inventory books (i.e.- book name and quantity) to be considered for this program.
  2. Schools are encouraged to contact the two vendor(s) below to maximize revenue dollars and/or desired removal schedules:Academic Asset Management, Inc.
    PMB 303, 4725 Dorsey Hall Dr.
    Ellicott City, MD 21042
    Ron Duvall
    1-800-730-2567 x709

    Follett Educational Services
    Follett School Solutions
    1433 Internationale Parkway
    Woodridge, IL 60517
    Juli Hubbard
    T: 800-621-4272 x5601
    C: 630-809-2240

  3. Identify a school designee who will manage the book buyback program.
    Immediately schedule a site visit with vendor(s) so they can inspect the books that need to be removed.
  4. Vendor(s), within five (5) business days should submit a proposal to the school. The proposal should address the following:
    a. Timeline for book removal – including estimated number of days to complete project and estimated start date.
    b. Estimated revenue dollars that school will receive.
  5. School should select and notify the vendor that they would like to engage in this service.
  6. Upon competition of this service, the vendor will submit within ten (10) business days a check to the school.


For additional questions please contact the Division of Financial Systems and Business Operations, Finance Service Center at 718-935-5000 or email