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We create unique, immersive laboratory environments where scientists join students and the general public for hands-on scientific exploration.

BioBus is an educational not-for-profit project based in New York City dedicated to inspiring students to love science by giving them the chance to do experiments with advanced scientific equipment working side-by-side with research scientists.
Ben Dubin-Thaler created the BioBus in 2007 after observing how excited people became when they saw the powerful microscopes and crawling cells in his Ph.D. lab at Columbia University. The BioBus was his way to bring that same hands-on, research lab experience to everybody, and since then over 115,000 students from 400 schools have experienced
the excitement of scientific discovery aboard the BioBus. From the beginning, however, “Dr. Ben’s” dream was to give students the chance to follow-up on the excitement developed
aboard the BioBus through in-depth, self-directed science experimentation. In January 2014 that dream was realized with the opening of the BioBase, a state-of-the-art community science lab dedicated to offering students project-based science explorations in afterschool, weekend, and summer courses. In 2017, programs are starting at the new BioBase Harlem at Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute!