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Striking the right chord through live performances and arts education.

The Bronx Arts Ensemble is a not-for-profit organization enriching the cultural environment of the Bronx with a year-round schedule of concerts, special programs for families and a full music and arts-in-education program for schools.

The Bronx Arts Ensemble, founded in 1972, is the premier professional music organization serving the borough. BAE commands the respect of the music world for its high artistic standards, innovative programming and acclaimed recordings, as well as its demonstrated service and commitment to the Bronx community. With a Local 802, AFM contract, the BAE engages some of New York’s finest freelance musicians who perform on a regular basis.

BAE comprises all instruments of the standard orchestra, performing as a small group or full symphony. We present over 100 concerts each season, reaching an audience of over 50,000 annually.