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Carnegie Learning is a transformational math education company. To support both group & individual learning, we provide consumable textbooks & intelligent software for grades 6-12, plus professional learning services for teachers across the K-12 spectrum.

We believe that better math education is about more than memorizing equations or performing on tests. In addition to buildingĀ strong fluency, better math learning delivers the deep conceptual learning that supports ongoing growth and continued development.

We believe that better math learning is important for all students. It helps them become creative problem solvers, critical thinkers, life-long learners, and more capable adults.

We believe all students can learn math the right way. And by right, we mean they can really learn and understand it, as long as teachers believe in them, expect them to participate, and encourage them to own their learning.

We believe all teachers can teach math the right way. And by right, we mean they can really know the math and constantly cultivate their own mindset for teaching it. The key? Getting the resources and support they need to build cultures of collaborative learning.

We believe our products and services can help accomplish this. By working together with the educators and communities we serve, we guide the way to better math learning.


Carnegie Learning Blended Solutions
~ Carnegie Learning Middle School Math Solution
~ Carnegie Learning High School Math Solution

Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II
Integrated Math I, II, III

Software Platforms:
~ MATHia (Grades 6-12)
~ Mika (Higher Education)

Professional Learning Services
Professional Development Services
Data Analysis Services