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The Coverbind Corporation is dedicated to providing top quality business solutions for professional document finishing at home or at work. We want to empower our customers to create professionally bound documents quickly and easily—all on their own.

For 30 years, Coverbind has remained dedicated to providing top-quality binding solutions to individuals, Fortune 500 companies, government facilities, schools, hospitals and more.

Not only do Coverbind’s thermal document binding machines allow small businesses and large corporations alike to create professional looking presentations for a variety of applications — our binding products are also designed to save our customers both time and money, creating an in-house binding solution to increase efficiency and save on long-term printing costs.

What’s more, we’re always looking for ways to improve our products to better serve our customers and help them continue to cultivate their individual or corporate image and brand. Our research and development team has developed a number of proprietary and patented binding products and processes, and we are committed to continuous innovation in all aspects of our business.

Coverbind® 9000 System –
We’ve redefined document binding efficiency with the new Coverbind® 9000 System. Designed with the high-end user in mind, the 9000 boasts the capacity to process and thermally bind a document every two seconds — that’s 240 times faster than punch & bind methods and 180 times faster than tape.What truly sets it apart from all others is it’s Drop&Go Technology. Up to 60 documents can be loaded into the machine at one time, freeing the operator to work in parallel, while simultaneously binding your documents. You simply Drop&Go!

Coverbind® 7000 System –
Coverbind’s Drop&Go Technology makes the new Coverbind® 7000 System 16x faster than punch and bind and 12x faster than tape binding. Its efficiency — rivaled only by the new Coverbind® 9000 — binds documents at an incredible rate of 20 documents per minute. The 7000 System features additional upgrades including increased quality and strength of the bound documents as well as improved appearance of the machine.

Built on the stability and technology of the 101DFS, which launched in 2003, the 7000 System is the ideal binding solution for office/corporate walk-up print stations, as well as volume demanding CRD or commercial print environments. It delivers professionally-bound documents, without the need of trained operators.