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Encore Performing Arts,  is a not-for-profit agency with over 30 years experience, which represents carefully selected professional performing groups and solo artists who tour throughout the Northeast to present performances and workshops for children and family audiences.


Encore began operations in 1983, and was officially incorporated as a New York State not-for-profit corporation in 1986. Since that time, Encore has grown into one of the largest and most respected performing arts agencies in the Northeast, specializing in performances for children’s and family audiences.

The arts are an integral part of the education and development of the whole person, stimulating critical thinking, inspiring a thirst for new ideas, and cultivating a sensitivity to the world as a whole. Encore was created as a service organization to promote cultural awareness, cultural enrichment, and cultural education primarily for children and young people. To accomplish this, Encore carefully seeks out and selects a limited roster of independent professional performing groups and solo artists, in a wide range of disciplines, who have a dedication to presenting performances and workshops for children and family audiences. Encore handles all the promotional, scheduling and booking arrangements for these artists, thus freeing them to concentrate on their artistic endeavors.

Programs are available for public performances for family audiences in large and small theatres, as well as for community centers, camps, libraries, and in-school assembly programs. Workshops and residencies can often be arranged in addition to the stage performances. Teacher study guides are available for all productions.

Encore offers an invaluable service to both the performing groups and the sponsors by handling the business arrangements for the performers, and by carefully previewing, screening and monitoring all programs for the sponsors to assure top quality events.

By offering a balanced roster of different types of productions, Encore can help evaluate your needs and guide you in selecting the best experience for your audience.