Great Escapes Adventures specializes in creating customized motor coach tours for students for over 50 years. We provide customized itineraries, creative tour ideas & memorable experiences for your Students at all budgets. There is a lot of work that goes into arranging a group outing: researching, deciding, planning and coordinating. We will manage the coordination of all tour components to guarantee that everything runs smoothly, from beginning to end. We book of all components for your all-inclusive customized group tour, including hotels, sightseeing, attractions/entertainment tickets, meals and more. ..


Great Escapes Adventures is a Vendor to the NYC Department of Education. Our drivers are 19A approved, so we can guarantee safe and reliable service for you and your group. We are also a member of the American Bus Association & National Tour Association.

As teachers, you recognize the value of hands on learning, and there is no better tool to enhance student knowledge than travel.  Throughout the US, one can gain firsthand knowledge on history, art, architecture, literature, music, culture and so much more. We invite you to take a break from lesson planning and let us do the work, as we plan an out-of-classroom experience for you and your students.  Single day trips and multiple day trips are available to NYC, Washington, Philadelphia, Niagara Falls, Albany and practically any city you wish to take your class to. Below find but a few descriptions of tour itineraries.


MANHATTAN: As locals to New York City, these city tours are our specialty. By simply strolling through one of the many famous museums, look up and around at the massive buildings or exploring the vibrant neighborhoods of Manhattan and the outer boroughs, you will find that New York City is filled with history, music, culture, architecture, art, fashion, theater, politics and so much more. One visit to NYC and you will discover why it’s the city where anything can happen!

WASHINGTON-DC: One can’t help but feel patriotic while visiting our nation’s capital. From the beautiful monuments, to the touching memorials, visiting Washington DC is truly inspirational. Although this city is steeped in tradition, it has become very cosmopolitan and offers a lot more than just politics and history.

PENNSYLVANIA: is one of the few places where industrialized, populated cities and a community that still functions without electricity coexist. Philadelphia, also known as “the city of Brotherly love”, is Pennsylvania’s largest city. Once the meeting place where our Founding Fathers laid the groundwork for the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, people now come to Philadelphia for its landmarks, a famous Philly cheese-steak and the Liberty Bell. A trip to Pennsylvania would not be complete without stepping back in time and enjoying a slower, more peaceful pace in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Learn how these farming people live without the modern day amenities many of us take for granted.



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