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We partner w/ science education projects like SEPUP & Oceans of Data to publish secondary science curriculum, materials & supplement activities.

You don’t have to reinvent science education. We already did! We believe students should experience science and be encouraged to question how it relates to them and the world around them. We do this by providing students with hands-on activities that excite them in science, integrate math, and are relevant to their own lives.

We were established in 1963 by a science teacher based on a unique and exciting idea – to help science teachers offer a more meaningful “hands-on” experience in the classroom by providing them with the materials and equipment that they need to execute actual science experiments with their students, making learning more effective. He knew that when students experience science first-hand they are more engaged and have greater knowledge retention.

From the materials and equipment that have been the mainstay of our offering for the past 50 plus years to the middle and high school curriculum that we offer today through partnerships with Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California – Berkeley, Oceans of Data, and others, we have revolutionized science education and today, we are a leader in science curriculum and inquiry-based learning for middle and high schools across America.