Literacy Support Systems, Inc. is an organization which provides professional development services in developing sound practices in all aspects of school reform, literacy curriculum, staff training, and at-risk student supports. We service pre-kindergarten through High School grade professionals. We believe all children can learn given the appropriate supports.
  • Provide education consultants for onsite, in classroom work in Writing, Reading, Math, Arts, Science, and Social Studies with Use of Data aligned to Core Standards
  • Offer a wide range of services that support a comprehensive, standards-based and assessment-driven approach for teachers, teacher leaders, coaches, students and administrators working with grades pre-K-12.
  • Provide consultants that help schools use data to inform instructional practices,  use resources efficiently, and satisfy the requirements outlined in the Citywide Instructional Expectations.
  • Understanding of the particular needs and challenges of urban teachers, administrators and network leaders as well as those of students and parents.