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Student learning identified… in real time.

At MasteryConnect we’re changing education with standards-based learning in the cloud. We bring educators, students and parents together to understand and master the Common Core. Our mastery tracking of Common Core and state standards is powerful, simple, social, and real-time.

For teachers, our innovative and time-saving assessment tools make formative assessment simple and efficient. They can electronically grade assessments taken on the iPod or iPad app, and correct plain-paper answer sheets in seconds by simply scanning into the system using their webcam, saving many hours each week.

The visual tracking of standards-based performance provides teachers and administrators a real-time understanding of what students know and don’t know relative to the core. This provides actionable data regarding which students need targeted instruction, or formal intervention.

A powerful and intuitive parent dashboard helps parents quickly understand each core standard and what their child knows relative to each standard.


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