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North Pole Cooling Corp.

Maintenance & Repair
Vendor Number NOR095000
We would like to gladly inform you that we are holding a special for our Spring/Summer 2013 season where we check units for $60.00 per unit. For each unit, we change the filter, spray the coils and make sure the unit(s) is running correctly. We will give you a full report for all unit(s) informing you if the unit(s) is in good working order or needs further repair. If you would like to get the unit(s) repaired we can bring the unit(s) back to our fully equipped shop for repair. We have open slots available during the school spring recess and we would like to be able to accommodate you, but if you are unable to schedule that week, we can extend the offer until May 15, 2013. Please contact us quickly slots are filling up fast!