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In our consumerist culture, students are exposed to an abundance of ad campaigns from companies attempting to influence their everyday decisions. Here at Principals Essentials we apply that same strategy but rather than promote sneakers, we market virtuous ethical behavior to stimulate school hallways with a passion for knowledge and etiquette.

Students are exposed to 1000s of ad messages from companies trying to influence their purchases. Once in school, we apply the same successful strategies. But instead of selling candy, we sell them on ideas like eat right, stay in school, stop bullying…

Principals Essentials is a motivation consultancy that creates innovative and effective incentive concepts through cleverly crafted messages for students and educators. The principle goal of these messages in poster format is to encourage America’s youth to get serious about their education by staying in school, doing their homework, improving academic performance and becoming more productive to benefit themselves, society and the nation as a whole.

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