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The Park Catalog, the proprietary brand of Highland Products Group, has been working to better public spaces since 2001. We’re built on a foundation of knowledgeable, service-driven people and a mission to offer premium products for the best possible price. The Park Catalog has partnered with over 50,000 organizations to successfully balance practicality and beauty in their public spaces. Have a question or request? Contact us today and let us help you accomplish your mission.

Picnic Tables, Benches, Bike Racks, Bleachers, Crowd Control Equipment, Dog Park Products, Fencing, Flooring, Lockers, Mats, Grills, Lecterns, Podiums, Office Furniture, Patio Furniture, Restaurant Furniture, Planters, Playground Equipment, School Furniture, Restroom Equipment, Signs, Bus Shelters, Sports Equipment, Tables, Chairs, Traffic Control Equipment, Parking Lot Equipment, Trash Cans, Windscreens, Umbrellas and SO much more- including plenty of customizable products.