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A nonprofit education agency working at local, state, and federal levels, WestEd develops research-based programs, intervention strategies, and other resources,┬áincluding publications and services. Whether it’s research, evaluation, policy support, or technical assistance, we work to find the best answers to enduring challenges and emerging questions in education and human development.

We help our clients assess students’ knowledge of science, develop mentoring programs, create fair and effective standardized assessments to inform instruction, and improve programs for English learners and students with disabilities. We develop and share knowledge with educators and community leaders about youth resiliency and health, teaching and learning mathematics, technology to enhance learning, and day care centers and preschools. And that’s just the beginning of an extensive list of WestEd program initiatives.

History: In 1966 two organizations, Southwest Regional Educational Laboratory (SWRL) and Far West Laboratory for Educational Research and Development (FWL) were formed. In 1995 they merged to become WestEd.