TRAC can be a pain for the multiple steps involved, especially for those of us who do not use it often.  The traveler needs to submit a request that needs to be approved by his or her supervisor, for schools, it is usually the principal.  To do so, the traveler needs to complete a TRAC, which requires a lot of information, such as air travel price, hotel price, hotel tax, cost to seminar or registration fees, estimated cost of food, ground travel expenses, incendiary expenses that needs to be refunded.  Unfortunately, the traveler does not want to research these and it becomes the job of the purchaser.

First, the traveler should get permission form his or her supervisor, before doing anything else. You can research a lot of stuff to later find out you are not allowed to travel. Second, the traveler must complete the TRAC, here is the link: For out of town travel you will need air fare, meals, lodging, ground transportation, and registration fee (if it is a convention) and another other related expenses. You can get a quote for air fare and lodging from Direct Travel at 800-774-0655. It is easier to just email the air travel and lodging details to Direct Travel. Third, the TRAC needs to be approved by a supervisor. Fourth, once the TRAC is approved, create a purchase order to cover air fare and lodging.