The New York City Department of Education will not issue payment if it does not have a complete invoice package.

  • Invoice (must have)
    • Vendor name, address, phone number and/or email
    • Invoice date
    • Invoice number
    • Purchase order number — ask schools to send you a copy, mistakes have been made verbally over the phone
    • Date(s) of service or delivery
    • Itemized list of services or items with unit price or service fee
    • Credits if applicable
    • Total amount due
    • Payment remittance address
    • Delivery Address
  • Proof of Delivery (some school will submit to Accounts Payable, but to ensure payment you as the vendor should provide these documents)
    • Packing Slip with the delivery address and date of delivery, completed by someone at the school with their name, signature, and date
    • Tracking from UPS, FedEx, USPS or freight carrier
  • Certification (only the school can certify delivery of goods or services in FAMIS, the DOE purchasing system)

See this complete list of documents required by Accounts Payable based on goods or services.

Send your invoices to one of the following Accounts Payable inboxes based on the school location where the service was rendered or product was delivered: