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Common Mistakes when Requesting Payment – Software

Many vendors make the mistake by billing Accounts Payable for software by not including the some basic information on their invoice.

Invoices for software must have the following information:

Purchase Order number - the purchase order number must be on all invoices, no matter what type of order was placed.Brief description of the product - some vendors use internal codes to on the invoice, e.g. "RPK3". Accounts Payable needs to know what the vendor is billing for so instead of using codes, define what the school ordered, such as "Online Reading Program for Kindergarten to 3rd Grade"Licensing dates - many vendors make the mistake by crossing over fiscal years. The fiscal year for the New York City Department of Education ends on June 30th. For example, if you state the licensing period from December 1, 2020, to December 1, 2021--Accounts Payable will not release the payment because it covers fiscal years 2021 and 2022. Therefore, on your invoice, all servic…
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What documents are required for payment?

The Office of Payable Operation, which pays invoices for the New York City Department of Education, requires the following documents to release payment:


invoicepackaging slip or proof of delivery

Software (according to the NYC DOE, software is treated as a commodity going back to the days when physical discs were used to distribute software)

invoiceproof of delivery can be activation notice sent or access information of the school’s usage


invoicepackaging slip or proof of deliveryagenda & sign-in sheet, with meeting start and end time (supplied by the school)

Trips or Admission

invoicestudent roster

Service or Maintenance

invoiceservice agreement or scope of workwork order (signed by both the vendor and school principal)

Professional Services

invoiceagenda & sign-in sheet, with meeting start and end timeservice agreement or scope of workwork order
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What and where to send to Accounts Payable?

The New York City Department of Education will not issue payment if it does not have a complete invoice package.

Invoice (must have)

Vendor name, address, phone number and/or emailInvoice dateInvoice numberPurchase order number — ask schools to send you a copy, mistakes have been made verbally over the phoneDate(s) of service or deliveryItemized list of services or items with unit price or service feeCredits if applicableTotal amount duePayment remittance addressDelivery AddressProof of Delivery (some school will submit to Accounts Payable, but to ensure payment you as the vendor should provide these documents)Packing Slip with the delivery address and date of delivery, completed by someone at the school with their name, signature, and dateTracking from UPS, FedEx, USPS or freight carrierCertification (only the school can certify delivery of goods or services in FAMIS, the DOE purchasing system)

Send your invoices to one of the following Accounts Paya…

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